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Major Updates:

Membership Review

Posted on 15 Sep 2012 @ 01:08 |

I have just had a site check of the joined members. Unfortunately, there are several sites being offline and no search results can be found via Google. So, I finally removed them from the Exchange. Hope all the banners work well now. We now still open for new membership, just feel free to join us!

Topsite Idea

Posted on 09 Sep 2011 @ 16:37 |

Few years ago before my sites got hacked, I had a topsite for Anne Rice related websites. But after the hack, I have given up this topsite since I don’t think the script using is user-friendly. But the idea of keeping a topsite for Anne Rice related websites is always in my mind. Perhaps it is time to search for a good script and start this project again. Any suggestions?

Site Check

Posted on 30 May 2011 @ 01:34 |

Just have a brief site check and some sites have been suspended due to no access. Please contact me if you are the site owners of these sites: Suspended Sites.

Anne Rice Link Directory

Posted on 14 Apr 2010 @ 11:06 | 2 comments.

To be a website master, I really would like to see several directories to list my websites, so that more traffic can be drawn. I also love to see if there are any link directory delicates to Anne Rice. I think it is much easier for her fans to find and read more information about her and her work. Several anne rice link directories have been born but died or abandoned in the end. It is a pity. Therefore, I am eager to create one on my own. Hope I can find a good script to manage it. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to write comments.

1 Member Reactivated

Posted on 29 Mar 2010 @ 00:51 | Leave a comment?

Finally, TVCORC, one of our sister sites has been back.

Just remind you if you have forgot what TVCORC is or you are the first-time visitor to this site. TVCORC is an online resource centre or library of any artwork including drawings, paintings, digital arts and designs or any other kinds of creations, by the fans of Anne Rice. You can freely view all the resources or become TVCORC member to enjoy download or even upload right.

Uploaded files have already been over 100. Actually this only is a small part of the whole database. Much more resources are coming.

Remember to visit TVCORC especially you are the fans of Anne Rice.